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Tenant Problems?

  • Can’t get rid of bad tenants ?
  • Tenants not paying ?
  • Losing money ?
  • Want to sell your property because of tenant problems ?
  • Letting agents not doing their job properly ?

You aren’t alone, many landlords as well as myself have experienced these problems.

There is a certain way of handling tenants so you don’t have these problems anymore.

I use this system to handle over 250 properties with great success

Do you want:

  • RELIABLE Tenants that PAY their rent in full and ON TIME every month ?
  • To INCREASE your cashflow ?
  • A FULL PROOF Tenant Control System ?

Do you want to know:

  • How to find quality, reliable tenants that look after your property ?
  • How to make sure your tenants pay their rent in full and on time ?
  • How to get rid of bad tenants without following the expensive legal route ?

I have owned and rented out properties for the past 40 years. I have also created millions from these properties. The reason I made millions is because I have brilliant systems for handling tenants effectively.
My systems for handling and controlling tenants took many years of trial and error to develop. I had to develop these systems from my own experiences because I couldn’t find the right information on tenants that I needed. No one had this information.

P.S. This was many many years ago.

Things were going great with my properties and tenants for many years. I thought I had the perfect systems UNTIL the PIE act (Prevention Of Illegal Eviction) was introduced in South Africa sometime in 2005. This was a major shock to Landlords throughout the country.

Many landlords including myself lost lots of money since the introduction of this act.

Landlords continue to lose money because they haven’t discovered away around this act

For example: In 2007 and 2008 I spent over R180,000 in legal fees having tenants evicted out of a building I had bought. This eviction process took nearly 2 years before it was finalised. Most of the tenants did not pay rent during this period. I lost over R200,000 in unpaid rentals.

Through this bad experience, I thought there has got to be a way to overcome this problem without following the expensive legal route.

I then experimented getting rid of bad tenants. After many attempts and lots of money, I got it right and at very little cost. The main problem people have with owning investment properties is tenants.

Whenever I tell people that I invest in property. The first thing they ask me is…

  • What about your tenants ?
  • They don’t pay rent
  • They ruin your property
  • You can’t get rid of bad tenants.

I fortunately totally understand what they mean because I have been there. However it doesn’t have to be this way if you have the right information.

My staff handle over 250 tenants with great success and have very few problems because of the systems I have put in place.

These systems I have documented and made available to property owners in an e-Book (electronic book) format called Total Tenant Control™

Total Tenant Control™ is a simple step by step guide with all the tools, information and documents you need to manage tenants successfully. 39 years experience has gone into the making of this guide.

P.S. These are the exact same tools my staff use to control over 250 tenants.

What is a guide like this worth to you that is going to save you thousands of rand ?

A system that….

YES! Can save you at least R30,000.00 which is the approximate cost to have a tenant evicted
YES! Will show you how to have reliable tenants that pay their rent in full and on time
YES! Will save you 10% to 15% of your monthly rental on agents fees
YES! Will increase your cash flow
YES! Will increase the value of your investment
YES! Will speed up your time to retirement
YES! Will enable you to buy more properties
YES! You get all this PLUS a full money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Use the tools, documents and information in Total Tenant Control™ for 365 days. If you haven’t saved yourself at least 100 times the cost of Total Tenant Control™ you can have a full refund plus you get to keep Total Tenant Control™ . There is NO RISK.

 Only R397.00

You can deposit direct into: A B S A G.Mackay A/C 9264235161 Branch: 632005

Then send e mail to with proof of payment


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Tel: South Africa: 031 566-7402. Ask for Delene